About Me

Hello! I'm Elinor, a London-based 'rebeginner' sewist who is keen on vintage style. My blog pseudonym is NorseOtter because I've always loved otters, and Norse is one of my nicknames.

Like many people I've been inspired by shows such as The Great British Sewing Bee, and Tilly's style from the first series was such an inspiration that in searching online I discovered the wonderful world of (other people's!) sewing blogs and decided to give making my own clothes a try.

I'm a rebeginner because I've had the basic skills for ages- my mum taught me how to hand sew when I was little so I could make clothes for my toys, and then I did GCSE textiles when at school and then mucked around with hacking things up and making clothes myself in a slapdash way for a while (i.e. no patterns, no special techniques, no nice finishing, just cutting by eye, folding and pinning- with mixed results!)

Now that I'm a bit older and fed up of getting ill-fitting clothing from the high street the appeal of making my own clothes has become too strong to resist. What's lovely about seeing indie patterns appear on the blogosphere it that you get to see how great these clothes look on a range of real people! So this blog is basically me charting my own progress and discoveries. I use other people's blogs all the time for inspiration, tutorials, and hints, tips and twists on patterns that I might be having a go at too. I do try to link back to anyone who I feel indebted too for their help (whether they know it or not!) in case anyone who happens to be following my progress finds it useful too. Hopefully one day I'll be at the stage to offer advice to others!

Thanks for reading!

NorseOtter xx


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