Friday, 13 July 2018

Make Nine Progress and Summer Sewing Plans


Check out my hideous #MakeNine collage! I'm pleased to say I've achieved 5 out of my planned 9 makes, and we're just over halfway through the year, so that seems like decent progress!

Here they are:

Popover Shirt for Angus  (and the wearable toile)

Marilla Walker Roberts Dungarees and Basic Instinct Tee (in same post)

The Marilla Walker Isca Shirt and Mimi G Flares I'm not prioritising to get ticked off my list until Autumn really, but I should probably have a go at the FehrTrade Surf to Summit cycling top in the short-sleeved version while it's still summer, and the Ruffle Tee from Self Assembly Required too as I imagine it'd be hard to layer once it gets chillier.

If you can read my terrible text overlay you may notice a couple of things are done but unblogged - so why this post instead of getting my Mimi G Turtleneck and True Bias Lander Pants published? Well, I've been recovering from an sprained ankle which has not only set me back in my modelling (hence no photos of recent makes) but is also slowing down my sewing output and it is SO FRUSTRATING.

I have finally begun to manage using the machine again with a few low stakes #sewingleftovers projects, but using my left foot instead of my usual right has been messing with my accuracy! I'll post the results soon as my ankle should just about be stable enough to pose on. Hopefully I'll be back to full capacity soon as I have missed my machine terribly and have loads of summery makes planned. Here are a few things I'd like to get made in the next few weeks:

Mimi G Jessica Dress (free!)
Kalle Shirtdress
Sew La Di Da French Gypsy Dress
A loose floaty boxy dress from one of my Japanese Pattern Books
Persephone Pants/ Shorts
Terra Pants
Images for all of these are on my dedicated Pinterest board here. 

I'm also continuing what I started while injured and planning on making lots of #SewingLeftovers camis and tops from free patterns around the web, using patterns such as: Sew Loft Diana Cami, The Foldline's Hello Sailor Top, Colette Sorbetto (sans pleat),  Pauline Alice Bailen Slip, How to Do Fashion 00 Danmark

I have fabric for all of these projects bar the French Gypsy Dress, so let's see how I get on!

How have your MakeNine or other sewing plans been getting along? Do you like to set long term sewing goals or plan your makes in small chunks? I'm definitely someone who likes to do a bit of both - it's nice to have flexibility for when you feel inspired or are captivated by the latest pattern releases!

NorseOtter xx

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