Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Well-Travelled Roberts Dungarees

Hello everyone!

It’s been a little while but I have lots of lovely things to share with you over the next few weeks.
I’ve been away to Japan, which was such an incredible trip that I hope I have another opportunity to
go and take things at a more relaxed pace!

Like many sewists I a) dreamt up a travel wardrobe and did my darndest to make a few things before the trip and b) while in Japan bought more fabric (and pattern books!) than I could carry back and had to invest in a new suitcase to haul it all home…

The Japan travel wardrobe was heavily focused around giving a new style a go. I indulged in the Marilla Walker Roberts Dungarees in a bit of tipsy treat for myself when Marilla ran a discount around Christmas (I also bought the Isca Shirtdress). I actually made these dungarees up in February, so for me that’s quite a fast turnaround, and it’s pretty nice to have ticked something off my Make Nine! In fact, this post is a twofer which knocks another make off my target - as I also made the Basic Instinct T from Secondo Piano specifically to wear with the dungarees.

The fabric is some lovely black medium-weight linen from the celebrated TMOS (the man outside Sainsbury’s) in Walthamstow Market, made famous by Karen of Did You Make That?. I bought the fabric in my first ever trip there with friends in early Feb, and a week or so later I had a day of TOIL and the house to myself so whipped up the pattern and wore it to work the following day (where it was much admired).

 I made up a size 4 according to my measurements, which I think was right for the oversized style of the design, but next time I might try and nip in the side seams a bit more to define the waist - or I may try this out with the pinafore dress version for a sassier shape. Wearing such a loose style is definitely a bit out of my normal style, but I have thoroughly road-tested these with a long train ride to Glasgow Film Festival (luckily I made it out before everything was snowed off!) and of course took them to Japan, wearing them on the flight there and back, and they make excellent travel wear.

They did however demand more garments to pair with, so in the spirit of #sewingleftovers I used up some jersey from making gift t-shirts last year to make some plain tops to wear underneath the overalls. I really like the classic high-necked style of the Basic Instinct T and think I this first version is pretty decent (although this gorgeous jersey rolled like the devil when cutting resulting in a bit of a wonky hem) but I do have a little gathering into the back neckband which I’ll be more careful about next time. I made up the size L according to my bust measurement, but I think next time I might try and size down to an M and do an FBA as there’s a bit of space in my upper chest and shoulders.

 I enjoyed making both these patterns and they pair really nicely, and both of them are fairly speedy makes but with instructions where you can elevate your sewing if you choose and achieve a really nice finish. For the Roberts Collection Marilla goes through all the types of flat-felled seam finish you can use for the dungaree legs, and for the Basic Instinct T-Shirt Sasha gives you stabilising instructions, and special markings to make it easier if you’re trying to match up stripes - which is such a nice touch for a free pattern! I’d make either of these again in a heartbeat, and have fun doing so. You can see I have a lot of fun wearing them!

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