Thursday, 21 September 2017

Not for the skint; fancy linen Flint!

Eesh, that's a horrible title. Apologies also for some of the wonky photos - we were out at a beautiful setting so I tried to ensure my new make got captured at the same time, but not all of these on-the-fly camera phone pics worked out as well as I hoped.

So, nobody could ever accuse me of being an early adopter. When trends come out I wait around and see them appear on a variety of different figures and styled in different ways before I decide whether it's for me. There have been many examples recently, especially my last two posts - the matching crop top and midi skirt set, and the K2444, not trendy now but once a very popular pattern.

Here's my version of the Flint pants, and pretty much the most classic, unoriginal take on them. I have to admit I liked them when they first were released, but I'd recently donated a whole bunch of 3/4 length trousers, wide legged trousers and culottey things to charity thinking they'd never come back in style, and I swear the very next week they did. So here I am working hard to build back up what I gave away - but I'm not sure it's the best decision. I was always drawn to the elegant high-waisted and loose-legged looks from the '40s, but on me and my squidgy middle I fear they always look unflattering and don't quite live up to the dream.

I've made up the shorts from some leftover denim to try out a radical re-drawing of the front and back curve which seemed to work pretty well (maybe I'll share these in the future along with some previously unblogged tees). That was the only adjustment I made, so I rapidly made them up again for the final version - and possibly the most expensive garment I've ever made - in Merchant and Mills linen from Ray Stitch. This is the version with the cute ties to one side - although in both my denim and linen versions there's a little bit of fraying at the points so I'll have to do something to prevent that next time - perhaps I trimmed too close before turning the right way round?

They seem to fit OK, but I do still feel a little frumpy. Maybe I just need to get used to the style, but I feel like the drape falls from the thickest part of my silhouette and covers where I taper in again. I decided to sew two hidden buttons on the inside waistband, to avoid pulling when I've had a big meal. The waistband does tend to relax a little over the day, so maybe in future I'd look into stabilising it a bit more for a sleeker look and better hold to the true waist. They are incredibly fun to canter down the stairs in though, as the fabric moves beautifully (goofy demo as below).

Another factor that annoys me is that not only am I a bit late to jump on the bandwagon, but I am just a bit darn late in the season - hopefully these will get a couple of wears on holiday but that might be pushing it a bit, it's chilly for linen in all honesty. Perhaps I'll just have to try a pair in wool? They are a lovely quick and relatively easy make, although for the next pair I'll try and slow down to ensure the waistband works for me.

Anybody else tried a trend that you weren't sure was for you?

NorseOtter xx

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