Monday, 31 July 2017

Essential Erin

How did I live before I had this skirt? What did I wear?

One of the best things about this skirt (other than the fact that I love it and that it’s an absolute staple) is that it was basically free; the denim was left over from my Safran jeans, pockets lined with my skeleton dress fabric, and the buttons are from a massive stash that I inherited from my partner’s gran. This is the Erin skirt (the shorter version) from Sew Over It's My Capsule Wardrobe City Break e-book (also free to me, as it was a gift!). I'm quite pleased that I've made up two things from an e-book that I received this year (first make was the Alex shirt), as usually it takes me years to get around to making stuff, even if I love it!

It has however has taken ages for me to get photos of this skirt because it’s basically never clean, I’m always wearing it and it’s always creased! I’ve now worn this to Bristol (when it was fairly new), Edinburgh (where it stood up well to my first ceilidh experience) and Ibiza. The buttonholes are showing a little bit of wear so if I made it again I would probably make sure I stabilised this area with some interfacing.

Otherwise I made this up as instructed other than to to use cotton for the side of the pocket bags that wouldn’t be seen to reduce bulk, and to work out my own button placement (probably more or less the same as marked, but aiming to ensure no unnecessary side flashes of knicker). I also used the method taught me in my Sew Over It cigarette pant class to add a bit more room over the rear. I’m not sure if this affected the dart placement (as I didn’t add any room at the waistline) but I think next time I’d bring these into the centre a fraction as they look a bit wide set. I’m not sure, but I could perhaps do with a tiny swayback adjustment too as there is a tiny crease at the small of my back.

I’m pretty pleased with this though, it’s fun, a cute length, incredibly easy to wear and pair with things and quite a quick make. I also got a unsolicited compliment on it from a little girl on my walk back from taking photos of it, so that can’t be a bad thing (“from the mouths of babes” my partner/ photographer commented). I’m keen to make another in the longer length, and in more colours. I reckon adding belt loops and back pockets for future versions would be worthwhile too. While I like the slant pockets and they seem to be behaving themselves in this denim with plenty of stretch, I imagine in future versions in stiffer fabric they might benefit from curving out a little.

I'll leave you with a typically goofy outtake. Have you made any surprise staples lately?

NorseOtter xx


  1. I love it when you get to make something for 'free'. Now that you've said how much wear you get out of yours I'm thinking I could probably do with a denim one. Looks like I need to go fabric shopping...

    1. Yeah it's so useful, you won't regret it. I'm thinking of making a black one next, easy dressing ftw!

  2. Looks great on you! I've got the pattern too as it came free in a sewing mag, but I have SOOO many things I want to make it's almost immobilizing. This is definitely on the list, though. First I have a Moss skirt cut out and ready to go, but not til I've finishing my Ginger jeans! I like your Alex shirt, too, which is one I'll check out further. My favourite make recently is a Wiksten Tank muslin in white lawn, which I'm getting a lot of wear out of.

    1. Hi Jennifer, thanks! I can't believe you got this pattern free in a sewing magazine, lucky you - it's my favourite of the City Break set although I do have more Alex Shirts planned! Do persist with your Ginger jeans - I abandoned my first pair at waistband stage through a lack of confidence, but once I got back on them it was an easy race to the finish line and I've made three more pairs of jeans since. I was so tempted to make a tank this summer, but I think the change of seasons will be on me too soon to get around to it! Hope all your makes go well!