Thursday, 1 September 2016

Peek at my Last Dress of the Summer and Autumnal Sewing Plans

Hi everyone,

How have your summers been so far? Mine feels like it's been going along at breakneck speed, with not as much time to sew as I would have liked. Sometimes due to sunny social plans, occasionally down to forcing myself into doing exercise and recovering from that taking up my evening, and very often due to just feeling very languid in the heat!

Sadly my lack of productivity has not been matched with my desire to create, and I've been busily dreaming up garments that remain unmade and may for some while yet. And, as the season's flown by, new plans need to be made for the Autumn.

So, here's a peek at my last dress of the summer. It's just pinned together at the moment but is a Gertie Shirtwaist dress which I hope will see me through Autumn too. I'm going to make it as directed (but with a few fitting modifications which I'll go into when it gets a full debut) but I quite like it sleeveless, high-necked and collarless like this. Definitely a version to try in the future! 

New patterns are also driving my need to make more seasonal garments; I finally caved and bought the Melilot shirt I'd been admirning from afar, the week before it was included in a discount bundle with another pattern I recklessly decided to just go for despite having to swallow my frustration about missing out on a deal, the Safran jeans. And this sodding Brexit palaver means the exchange rate on these patterns is terrible. Aw well, I'll just have to get my money's worth by making them up ASAP!

So, here are my plans for the next few months:

Safran Pattern by Deer and Doe

Septemb...arse”, or more realistically, “Autumn...bum”.
Get cracking on some “pants” making with the Safran pattern (in that stretch cotton I'd earmarked for the Gertie cigarette pants in my 2016 "Resewlutions"). Finally crack into the Cone Mills denim and whip up another pair of high-waisted Gingers. Plus a jeans version of the Safrans in some Ralph Lauren denim I picked up at Mood. I really want to get some more trousers in my wardrobe, so I'm 
going to go for it in a whirlwind of pantsmaking productivity.

Melilot pattern by Deer and Doe

Getting Shirty
I'd planned to make up the Melilot in this lovely banana-leaf lightweight denim (also from Mood, sadly now sold out), but think it's too late for it to get much wear now. Instead I might finally dare to crack into this lovely Paul Smith elephant shirting I've been hoarding since my first ever fabric shopping trip and make up a long-sleeved Melilot.

Wren Dress by Colette

Wrapped up in Wren
I bought the Wren pattern in a bundle deal with the Dahlia last year, quick soon after release – and both have only got as far as abandoned muslins. I intend to remedy this for winter and have bought some lovely charcoal merino jersey (which I have tentatively pre-washed in the wool cycle of the washing machine) from the Fabric Store especially to make a long-sleeved, gathered skirt version.

I've also got some nice autumnal coloured vintage fabric from my mum that if I've brave enough might fashion into the bohemian beauty that is - the maxi wrap dress from Chinelo's Freehand Fashion book.

I've also been intending to make the Gertie Wiggle Dress in scuba which has been languishing in my stash for too long, so I think that will be a fun dress to add to the mix – and depending on how it turns out might even work as partywear. If not, perhaps I'll have to concoct something fancy too...

So that's a couple of stashbusting projects, and even some that more or less stick to my original 2016 plan. However, a few of the projects mentioned are using up newly acquired fabric from my July trip to LA. Oh well, it's nice to give into temptation and buy new things sometimes!

How has your summer sewing been? Any new season sewing plans?

NorseOtter xx

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