Thursday, 3 September 2015

Mimi in Damselflies

Hello everyone!

As usual another long blogging break- life is always getting in the way! I've just been through a pretty major change- I've started a new job, which is quite a big deal for me as I was in my old post for over six years. Phew! I was given some very sweet leaving gifts, which included pressing tools to help with my sewing. So, in order to be able to put them to use straightaway, sweet little blouse Mimi skipped right to the head of the queue! This is also a bonus in that Mimi totally counts as appropriate workwear.

Anyway, back to Mimi. I had to eke this shirt out of 1.5m so the print placement isn't perfect- I think I managed to line up the horizontal damselfly rows on the front (didn't have enough to be too careful about the sides or sleeves) but sadly there's a bit of overlap on the button band so it's not perfect. But meh, it looks pretty good to me! 

While this print screamed Mimi at me in the shop and I think it is a lovely match, unfortunately the fabric is a little heavier than the pattern was intended for, so it does come out a little stiff. 

In this version I much prefer it tucked in rather than untucked- but a floatier fabric would do the trick I'm sure. Sorry for all the pictures here- it's for comparison!

As it was an impulse purchase I didn't know exactly how much I needed, so while I just about managed to get it out of 1.5m some of the facings are pieced, and a lot of them are also cut off-grain as there simply wasn't enough to cut everything correctly so I had to prioritise what was on the outside! 

I don't think this has compromised the fit though and everything seems to be lying properly in place. I did also make some other minor mistakes- I french-seamed the sides with a bit too much seam allowance on the first pass so have a minor case of 'punk seams' (when there's a tiny mohawk-like fringe that shows on the outside). If you look closely you'll also see that the sleeves are finished with a binding instead of a hidden facing. This was just pure stupidity, I attached the facing the wrong way around and couldn't bear to unpick, so improvised! 

This is my second Mimi, my first was for a friend and sadly I haven't seen her wear it- the sleeves are a little tight. I made up the same size for myself as I had the pieces traced and thought the ease would accommodate my bust because of the gathered front, and although it looks OK I think next time I would size up as it is a tiny bit tight and the sleeves are also a bit small on my bulging biceps (AKA bingo wings) and it would be a bit more flattering if it glided more over the hips. I don't seem to have learnt from my Megan experience about going for the right size! 

Anyway I had lots of fun using my pressing tools whenever possible- everything was pressed on the tailor's ham or sausage- whether it needed to be or not! I definitely feel I got a more professional-looking collar from using this, and look forward to when it's warm enough to make another Mimi for myself in a floatier fabric (and larger size).

So I may not have been writing, but I have been sewing- I've now 'graduated' from Tilly and The Buttons' Love at First Stitch book, but will share the final project, the Lilou dress, with you soon! It's taken me a while to get photos for this project too, as the weather's been too naff to get a decent shot outside. But at least I'm back on the wagon with the Ginger Jeans- so hopefully they'll be appearing shortly too!

What are you working on? Has the weather forced your hand with any projects too?

NorseOtter xx


  1. Great print for Mimi. I am meaning to make this but can never decide what fabric to use!

    1. Thank you! I would definitely in future go for something more floaty, but I just couldn't resist the pattern and print pairing. It's such an easy-to-wear compliment-magnet kind of blouse, I'm sure once you've made it you'll want to make many more!