Sunday, 5 July 2015

Magenta Elisalex

Hello from sunny London!

I actually finished this dress last weekend, but it's been too hot to put it on! I've been meaning to make another Elisalex since the first one came together so well (I never properly blogged it because I was desperately trying to finish it in time to take away for a long weekend in Paris). For something I made up so early in my dressmaking journey I'm quite impressed- one of my first FBAs and the fit isn't bad at all- the only thing I resolved to change for this version was to add inseam pockets and shorten the length.

The length on my original Elisalex I like for formal occasions- but it does limit me to walking with tiny steps and can feel a little unflattering (bad choice of shoes for those Paris photos too, but in my defence I was on my feet all day!). This length is much easier to wear.

I was debating whether or not to add sleeves- and although it meant I couldn't wear it this week I'm glad I went with them, as I think they look really nice. I'll need to tweak the fit of the sleeves for next time though (and there will definitely be a next time, I have some great Ikea furnishing fabric languishing for a more Autumnal version). The armhole is a little tight, so no reaching for high shelves in this!

Another thing that makes this a little unseasonably warm is the lined bodice. I had some leftover polycotton from my first Elisalex so used this again-but I should really make the effort not to always just use up scraps as a) a contrast lining is harder to keep hidden out of sight and b) polycotton is quite warm next to the skin, not as breathable as I'd like. I'm going to have to invest in some subtly-coloured natural fibre lining fabrics next time I have a fabric shopping spree.

Showing off the pockets here (and squinting as I've hidden my glasses in them). I'm someone that really likes a good inseam pocket- it's nice to be able to stash a phone or keys on your person without having to bother with a handbag all the time, especially if you can do so without spoiling the line of your dress!

And here's the back view for you. I love the scooped back! The neckline is perhaps a little wide for me- it keeps falling of my shoulders but it doesn't both me too much (and the dress hanger, which bothers me more!). Next time I'll bring the shoulders in a little along with the armhole redrafting. I've got a separating metal zip in centre back there that I picked up cheaply in a bundle at Brixton's Simply Fabrics - not really the right thing but a perfect match in colour on the tapes so I went with it. 

I didn't pay too much attention to the pattern matching with this- the checks are printed in quite a loose, wobbly grid so I wasn't sure if I'd be able to line it up perfectly even if I had made that extra effort. The result means it's better lined up in some places than others, but seems pretty well balanced at centre front and the waistline, so I'm happy with it! I almost forgot to mention that this fabric was a Secret Santa gift from last year's work Christmas party- my Santa was the very talented Frankie, who has her own handmade lingerie and nightwear business Pennyface Apparel. Being given this fabric was such a good score- and I still have 3m left for another project! 

As it's been so hot I've nearly finished making another dress which I hope to share with you soon (sorry corduroy Gingers, that languish unfinished still). I got rid of a lot of summer dresses recently in a clear-out of anything too old or ill-fitting, but now realise I'm a little short on cool day-dresses. Here's my friend Holly looking stunning in the Air Hostess Megan Dress that I foolishly made without muslining so decided to give away. It fits her much better! 

Anyway I'd best get to making, or the fox that is my constant sewing companion (see below- note the Elisalex instruction booklet) will miss me!

Until next time, 

NorseOtter xxx


  1. Love it. Would you mind me sharing this on SSB? I link to your post and let you know when shared.

    1. Thank you! Of course, I'd be flattered!

    2. Thanks I will let you know when.