Saturday, 20 June 2015

Jorna Dress for Analía

Hello everyone!

It has been an age since I last posted, life has kind of got in the way! I applied for and have accepted a new job (eee!) and have had a little jolly away to Glasgow- so not as much time at the sewing table as usual. I wish I'd had some new handmade stuff to show off in photos with Glasgow as my backdrop- there are so many beautiful settings, it was quite a summery weekend (light until midnight!) and we were staying just outside the city in a country estate with its own adventure playground where we could roam undisturbed after park hours. A lot of fun was had on the zipwire, and I may have got my fat arse stuck in a slide!

Anyway... I haven't even finished my corduroy Ginger Jeans that I took a week off work to get stuck into a little while back- they've stalled at the waistband stage. So close, but I've kind of abandoned them in my imagination as I'm desperate to get on with sewing some summer dresses before it's too late! Corduroy is a little too autumnal to prioritise, but I don't like the feeling of having a UFO hanging over me (unfinished object, in case you thought I went in for conspiracy theories and the like).

I also decided to make another handmade gift. After Angus's Chicken Shirt I was desperate to do some selfish sewing and wasn't planning on making another homemade gift for a while- but then Analía's birthday came round quickly and Jorna just came to me as something that would suit her and hopefully she would get a lot of wear out of!

I had the Jorna in my stash when I bought Perfect Pattern Parcel #3 last year, which also gave me the Staple Dress that has been made up as a gift for my friend Holly. I really like both these patterns- they're simple, modern and stylish but I haven't made up any for myself yet, although I plan to (I just keep getting distracted by more complicated projects, even though I can see them both being wardrobe staples-as the name suggests). They make great gifts as they're quick and quite easy to make and are not fitted, so easier to get right when trying to make a surprise garment for somebody!

So, here it is! Not too many pictures for this post- these were taken for me by my parents as I was away in Glasgow when the gift was opened.

I made the 'dress' length for Analía (there are also 'top' and 'jumper' lengths) and I think it looks lovely on her.  I was expecting it to be a little longer from some of the promo shots around the web, but she's quite tall and the length works. It's made in black jersey I picked up from Simply Fabrics in Brixton- I was hoping to find some jewel tones or a boho print perhaps, but in the end nothing they had in stock seemed quite right and you can't go wrong with black, even if it seems a bit boring.

This was pretty easy to come together, just front and back pieces and a facing. The instructions for attaching the all-in-one facing flummoxed me for a moment, but I managed to work it out in the end with the intended result. The only thing I had a little challenge with was understitching the armhole facing, as there was only so far up into the shoulder strap I could go without getting my layers all bunched together, so I had to understitch a little bit by hand. I think it might be because I made one of the smaller sizes, so the shoulder strap is too narrow to allow the machine up as far as it needs to go? Anyway I erred on the safe side and the handstitching looks fine. The hem is unfinished for the boho vibe- I was going for 'casual elegance', hopefully that comes across!

I may have offered to make my little brother a shirt for a late birthday present- I can't seem to stop promising or thinking up handmade gifts! Hopefully I can sneak in a couple of purely indulgent summer dresses before the next unselfish project though. And maybe some work wear for my new job?!

Until next time,

NorseOtter xx

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