Thursday, 29 January 2015

Completed: A Vintage Casual Two-Piece for Josephine

Hello hello!

It's a bit nippy at the moment, right? London hasn't been hit by snow yet (at least not where I live) but it's cold enough for numb feet and red noses.  Brr!

Anyway, here is my first make of 2015, modelled by (and made for) the beautiful Josephine. It's from Gertie Sews Vintage Casual and is the Sweetheart Top- modified as per her angora sweater to not have the sweetheart and to have slightly puffed sleeves (although I did keep the neck band as I thought it would look better in this fabric). It's also the Easy Knit Pencil Skirt, also from Gertie's book.  

This was a slightly late birthday present; things were going really well for delivering on schedule but then my twin needle started being a real pest so I had to unpick my first go at the collar binding and recut a new one. I decided to do a narrow zigzag (or 'wobble stitch' as Gertie calls it) on my second attempt at the collar binding, but grit my teeth and twin-needled the hem on sleeves and across the bottom of the top. The thread in the right side of the needle kept snapping, not sure if it was getting twisted somehow or if I used the wrong type of thread for the job? I was using an old thread that was a perfect colour match from my stash but as it was cotton and probably at least 30 years old this may have been the culprit as parts of it were a little fuzzy so liable to catch. I did at least learn from my first twin needle nightmare and have a stretch twin needle now, but it has had a fair bit of use so maybe is just blunt?

Anyway other than that this was a simple enough make! Enough so that the top didn't feel quite enough of a gift on its own, so I decided to add the Easy Knit Pencil Skirt. It really was easy! I have lots of plans to make myself several versions. I had to make this once a couple of inches shorter as I didn't have *quite* enough fabric leftover, but I got the skirt and the top from a mere metre of sweatshirting bought from the ever-fabulous Simply Fabrics in Brixton. 

I love the colour on Josephine- although I have to confess it reminds me a bit of our old school uniform, but as Jo and I met at that school it doesn't bother me too much. Some of the poses are inspired by the fact that I've made yet another outfit that looks a little bit like it might be an Air Hostess uniform!

Only slight issue is that the top is a little tight on Jo- she had a bit of a squeeze getting it on (although I can tell from the photo above she's wearing a tank underneath, so hopefully the top by itself will be a little more roomy). I had to guess her measurements for the sizing, but I think maybe this sweatshirting has less stretch than required. It does have a fleecy backing which does give it some stability. Hopefully it will loosen up! Anyway you can see from the photo below that it allows a full range of movement, so still wearable! This was going to be an outtake as my camera's button is a bit sticky so Jo's face is a bit out-of-focus and the moment had almost past, but I love the pose so much that it's staying in (hope you don't mind Jo!). 

I can't wait to make more from Gertie's book, but am already cracking on with my first project for me of 2015- a Delphine Skirt from Tilly's Love at First Stitch. It's coming together really quickly too so hopefully I'll have something new to share soon! Tempted to get cracking on some cosy PJs from the book soon to help me through this cold snap.

What have you been making? Any twin-needle tips?

NorseOtter xxx

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