Saturday, 29 March 2014

Homemade Wardrobe On Tour!

Hello! It's a glorious sunny day in London today and I'm just about to go get stuck into it while it lasts, but Angus has just posted up his Paris snaps from our mini-break last weekend so I wanted to share a couple to show off my new Elisalex and my Anna and Charlotte flaneuring around.

First up- here's Elisalex! This make took me a little longer than I was expecting and is actually not quite finished- I still need to stitch down the bodice lining, but as I was hemming late into the night on the day before heading off on holiday I decided that I could leave that part off for now. The hem's not very flat either so will probably have to re-do that at some point too!

Here's the bodice. I did an FBA following the tutorial, and while my toile came out kind of alright, in the actual dress a few fit issues have come up- I think the apex is a bit low, there's a little bit of neckline gaping, and actually I think the waist is a bit big. 

Next time I think I will grade up from a size 12 (this time I did a 14, my measurements were between sizes so I decided to go up to be safe) as the skirt does seem a bit big on me too and can look a bit unflattering and bulky, as you can see from the photo below of me posing with a cannon in the Hotel des Invalides.... 

Although I used upholstery fabric the skirt still doesn't seem to keep the tulip shape very well on its own, but maybe having the right waist size next time will help so there's not excess fabric at the top that isn't filled out and supported by my body. I love this crazy Italian pharmaceutical advertisement print though! I didn't have any idea what to do with the pattern but I think it's come out pretty well, even on the bodice which was a bit of an afterthought when I realised I wasn't able to centre on the advert I really wanted to feature- a very cute gramophone. Oh well, the gramophone has plenty of other appearances. 

I also wished I'd made pockets, as I decided to make the long version of the skirt to make the most of the print which gives me 'restricted stride', so for a full day of walking around Paris I was constantly having to hitch my skirt up to my knees so I could keep up the pace!  Having pockets might have made the hitching a little easier. 

I realise I don't have a full dress photo, as it was a bit too chilly to be baring my arms outside! I'll get a full length shot up soon, I'm actually planning on wearing my new Elisalex out to a party tonight where I think she'll look a bit more elegant with some heels perhaps. Then you can judge if my invisible zip insertion is getting any better! I do like my new Elisalex, but I am a little tempted to maybe make her a little more wearable (and possibly more flattering) by shortening the skirt. What do you think?

Just for fun here's my daffodil Charlotte in the gardens of Versailles, and below in the Hall of Mirrors (blending in with the opulence, I like to think!). All the heavy brocades and damasks in the Chateau de Versailles did have me inspired to make more Charlottes and Elisalexes in some seriously OTT luxe fabric. Will just have to tweak my fitting issues on Elisalex first!

And finally here's my Horse Anna, my most wearable creation so far (although as I've got more experience I realise even this dress isn't fitted quite right- I've put the bust darts too high! It's not very noticeable though). 

For my next creation I think I'm going to make up a Plaintain, as I haven't made any basics yet and it will be my first go with jersey and with a twin needle. After that I'm desperate to get straight back into making ridiculous dresses with those lovely Sew La-Di-Da patterns that my mother bought me, unless I fall in love with jersey and make a Lady Skater

Unfortunately there was one thing I was planning to get in Paris that I never had time for- I was hoping to find a shop stocking Deer and Doe Patterns and buy the Chataigne Shorts (they would be ideal to replace my tatty burlesque lion costume shorts, as well as darn cute or the summer). I'm sure I would have been tempted by the new Anemone skirt and all the lovely dresses though so maybe it's a good thing I didn't find a shop as I have so many things waiting to be made, and when I finally manage to move into my new flat I'll be getting a stack of vintage patterns that have been in storage. 

So many projects in my queue! What are you making?

NorseOtter xxx

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