Monday, 25 November 2013

It begins...

Although I've been sewing in one way or another since I was small (I used to make tons of clothes for my Barbies out of old socks, laddered tights and scraps) I've always been a little lacking in discipline and maybe a bit too keen to use up old tat! Anyway, it shows.

I've recently started sewing again after purchasing some beautiful vintage patterns from Etsy. In this spate of inspiration so far I have only attempted a pencil (or column?) skirt from Simplicity 3257. I made a right mess inserting the zip but I get a lot of wear out of the skirt regardless! Here it is, photos from a trip to Vancouver earlier this year. When I get going properly with this sewing malarkey I'll start posting up better pictures of the actual clothes, I promise!

Simplicity 3257 skirt made messily by me (note the creased waistband), and the tartan shirt my mother made in the '70s. I have to get her to dig out the pattern!
Here it is in all its 'glory'. Forgive the terrible tourist posing.

Another make I'm a little more proud of is my self-drafted lion costume that I wear for a routine in my burlesque troupe, the Salacious Sirens

The downtrodden lion, Ottolie Divine, and smug tamer Lady Libertine.
Note the terrible zip insertion (again!)
Lion costume in action at its first ever outing in 2010 (note the clumsily rolled short cuffs!)
These shorts have had so much wear now that they're starting to split at the rump! Not something I'd like to be surprised by during a performance. If anybody has any suggestions for easy-to-make but showgirly-looking shorts I'd be keen to hear from you. 
Until next time,
NorseOtter x

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